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New year sms for girlfriend, Instagram post and WhatsApp status

New year is the most awaited event of December. It is particularly known for bringing happiness in our lives. New Year is the time to make and break resolutions. New year just is different than any other festival as it brings people from all the world irrespective of country, religion etc together to celebrate and enjoy. New year sms for girlfriend on our website are meaningful and worthwhile to be forwarded to your beloved.

New year 2019 sms for girlfriend

Some New Year SMS’s for girlfriend

Time for resolution, time for action, happy New Year my Michael Jackson

Hopefully your year was good and wish you an even better New Year to come.

As this year goes and a new one arrives, may your troubles go with it and new ones arrive, haha sorry just kidding, happy new year

May coming new year brings happiness and success in your life along with a beautiful wife, Happy New Year.

Happiness and sorrow are much a state of mind. And since this new year our mind will not change, so lets take a resolution, to not get affected but affect our surroundings in such a way that each day, in this New Year becomes, happy and brings new opportunity.

new year 2019 sms for girlfriend

Some more new year sms for girlfriend-

New year new challenges, lets take a resolution, to better ourselves daily in this new year

Before I am drunk and text you, I love you dear, wish you a happy new year.

New year will come and go let our relation be like the wine, which will taste better every year.

You were there when time did not support me, you have been there like like the blue sky above my head. May this year be the best my dear, happy new year.

Last year i wished you, this is i will wish and miss you. The point you will not hear me this year as I will drink beer. Do not waste yourself on me my dear, once again happy new year

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New year has arrived, it is time to write wrong dates scratch them and then correct. So I guess again like every new year we will take a month or so to get used too. New year also reminds that not only the year has changed but along with it world is changing too. So lets tighten our shoe laces and be ready to win the race this new year and the coming years.

new year sms for girlfriend-

Let every body know like the new year I am here with no fear to get drunk on a beer this beautiful year my dear happy new year

You have been here year after year helped me in my toughest times, cared when no one gave a shit. O my dear please stay like this New in every new year.

World is old billions of year, same old are the cities and places, same old are the problems that I hear, but for you my dear, Happy New Year.

happy new year wishes 2019 for girlfriend

New is not only the year but my and yours perspective. Therefore lets resolve to see that half full glass of water, and thus drink this New Year, with a cheer, a life happy and without fear.

lovely collection of new year sms for girlfriend-

New Year for friends and specially girlfriends is the best way to sneak out with their better halves and enjoy life. Indian society, is still evolving and not yet promotes women and girls, specially girlfriends to enjoy and party and so New year is the apt time for them to do so, so girls be ready, its your time.

Happy new year quotation for girlfriend, wife and beloved

The year is about to change my love, but I pray to god, that you do no change in this new year.

Lets not make or brake promises this new year, lets not take a back step on what we said, and lets be truthful and honest towards ourselves this new year.

Let me wish you a happy new year in advance, so I can blame all the life, that my girlfriend wished me next year, at least in this way I can win!!

My beloved, lets make the most of the time given to us by god, as we move from year to year, always stay close to me, so I can whisper in your ear, happy new year.

New year for girlfriend means, new gifts and opportunity to say “ happy new year baby”… lets pledge to full fill their woman trait.

The beautiful time is near, let’s prepare our cell phones to wish our buddies, happy new year without any fear, speak it so loud that anyone near can hear.

So ladies brush up your hairs and put that shiny dress on and be ready to steal the show. it’s Happy New Year

happy new year wishes 2019 for girlfriend

Short New Year quotes and new year sms for girlfriend-

Baby I feel sleepy and lazy, so before you copy paste a quote from net, take this from me, happy new year, kindly do not disturb.

As the clocks ticks to 12, and new year arrives your girlfriend has also arrived with the this new quote, Happy New Year.

New years, new challenges, new work, new people and whatever but remember don’t even think about a new girlfriend or new year will not be so happy.

Kem choo….majama happy new year, kaha he meri beer?

I Amitabh Bachhan, on behalf of my family and stupid son Abhishek wish you and your stupid family a happy new year

India may not have the coolest parties and hottest girls, but we do have a lot of stupid people with venomous jokes and all the more annoying aunties and uncles happily destroying all the fun. So guys get ready to take it ones again for the dassu parties and maha dassu people.


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