Funny 2019 New Year messages

Humans have a special place for love and laughter in their hearts. The funny New Year messages and greetings forwarded in form of digital messages and status undoubtedly makes one smile. So we have the most fascinating collection to tickle your bones and make you happy on this New Year 2019.

funny new year 2019 messages for friends

Do not forward those typical boring New Year greetings and messages which are most of the time ignored by people. Instead, choose the best collection of funny New Year messages 2019 for conveying the most precious feelings with a hilarious touch. We have creatively crafted words for the special occasion of New Year. Our beautiful and cheerful combination of words is definitely going to bring smile on your face. Have a glance on our precious collection of funny New Year 2019 messages, greetings, wishes and quotations.

New Year sms for Girlfriend
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Funny New Year messages

  • On this New Year do not make or Break rituals. It is a bad habit to lie to you. On this New Year, just take a pledge to remain truthful and determined. Do not take a back step for the words that have been uttered by you in any situation.
  • As my best New Year 2019 wish, I am sending you an invitation for online party and helping you to save Millions on celebration.
  • Just before I get over drunk, lose my phone or get arrested for being naked, let me wish you a very beautiful Happy New Year.
  • I pray to almighty that 2019 New Year does not preview upliftment on your abs, cholesterol, blood sugar, white blood cells and mortgage. Sometimes it’s good when things don’t rise, isn’t it? Wish you an entirely different Happy New Year guys.
  • Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year from all the stars of Bollywood. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez and Rajnikant wishing you a prosperous new year ahead.
  • If in case I have done you wrong in 2018, please give me a chance once again in 2019 saw that I may do it once again. I am really not sorry for annoying you my dear. Happy New Year
  • I’ll be ordering burger just 5 minutes before the New Year approaches me. At least I will have a different way of receiving the burger. I’ll be receiving my order next year for the order place previous year.
  • On this New Year 2019, it’s my request for you to visit bathroom at 11:59 and come back at 12:01 so that you can say that you went inside the bathroom and came outside the next year.

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More funny New Year messages

  • funny happy new year wishes 2019 quotesInstead of saying blah blah Happy New Year blah blah, I would like to say have make lots of love, booze, party and do whatever you feel like. Win Lotto and go crazy this year.
  • Just the moment clock strikes 12, I wish you get all the stamina to wish your Facebook friends individually. Have a happy New Year and great life ahead.
  • Sometimes it’s a good thing to start back with your old habits. It’s not always bad to resume old things are not always good to change.
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New Year sms for Girlfriend

More Inspiration on this New Year

We have brought naughty and funny New Year messages for all the laughter and fun. You can have unlimited enjoyment by reading our collection and forwarding the same to your friends. It’s quite entertaining to read hilarious messages and random funny stuff online. Even if you do not choose to forward it, you can at least have a fun time while reading those funny New Year messages that are uniquely available on our website.

Funny New Year 2019 messages

funny new year 2019 messages for friends

funny new year wishes for colleagues

funny happy new year message in hindi

funny happy new year wishes 2019 quotes

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On this New Year, do not let your loved ones remain secluded. Wish them by creating heartfelt greeting cards and forwarding short and funny New Year messages. The opportunity comes once in a year and should be utilized in the best possible ways for having pleasant moment and happiness from the inner heart.

  • funny happy new year message in hindiI pledge to quit drinking beer this year, however since it’s not yet Happy New Year, I would like to have at least two more beer. Happy new year dear
  • On the New Year, start your day with lots of energy, excitement and smile so that you have a loving and successful life all together.
  • Don’t even care about what stuff you meet between New Year and Christmas. Just worry about the way you celebrate the special event and care for being happy. We do not know how much time we have left. Therefore, we all should stay happy as much as we can. Have a thoughtful New Year 2019 and stay blessed.
  • I’m not going to wish you more success this year as you already have it a lot. In fact you should wish me more success this Happy New Year. Happy New Year to me.
  • The New Year resolution should be all about all waiting your family members for our beloved and friends with extreme care when they tamper your privacy.
  • My grandparents always took resolution for donating more Charity, time and money to the needy and deprived. I have decided to prepare my own coffee this week as my New Year resolution. Have a cool happy new year.
  • I read that this Happy New Year makes you realize that being a black sheep is not I think to do. You should become a white dove and bring more peace and happiness to your family.
  • I am sending special sorry to you. Please forgive me for all the mistakes committed and the last year as its new year and I can’t change myself for anyone. Happy New Year has a blasting life ahead.
  • Expecting this New Year to complete you by binding you in an eternal relationship. I am tired of being your love advisor. You need a husband and that’s me. Happy New Year.
  • Instead of making New Year resolutions, I have a strong believe to improve myself then what I was yesterday. Having a different Outlook this New Year, that’s my approach of being happy days you. Happy new year friends