happy new year 2019 wishes for lover

Some SMS for New Year and happy New Year sms for girlfriend

  • New Year has come, lets have some fun, are my friends willing to get numb?
  • Years have passed and several other will also pass but may our friendship be the same as when we celebrated our first new year. Although you are as crazy as you were, in the first year, I pray you remain the same in all the coming years. Baby, happy new year.
  • you are the reward of my previous life, happy new year my dear wife
  • together we grew, I pray that each day makes your life wishes come true, now go and preparing me a hot cup of brew.

Happy New Year 2019 to All

2019 New Year SMS for Girlfriend

  • You are my grandeur, make me feel splendor, on this new year I feel like kissing you, I don’t want to miss you… please come near me.. happy new year dear darling.
  • Happy New Year mere bhai, ab ki Baar Hogi Bhar Bhar k hogi tmai pitayi, agar tumne mujhe treat nahi khilai to kher nahi Tumhari, kanjoos mat Bano Happy New Year hai mere bhai

happy new year 2019 wishes for colleagues

Few words on Happy New Year 2019 wishes

New year is a synonym of enjoyment. The most awaited event of December is enjoyed all over the world with lots of enthusiasm. Humans tend to find a reason to enjoy and that perfect reason is new year.1st of January, according to the Gregorian calendar is day we call new year.

happy new year 2019 wishes for lover

Some new year wishes 2019

  • I pray that almighty brings you Ray of light this new year, more smile and whispers for a happier new year.
  • New challenges and new musings, let’s resolve to fight them all and not miss a single opportunity.
  • Time for a new calendar and hence a new perspective of life, live free and forget what happened last year and be ready for this New Year.
  • Welcome to New Year and be ready to hear the bells ringing of your success.

Happy New Year Quotes 2019

New Year Resolution Quotes 2019

31stDecember night is the most awaited event teenagers and Youngblood. The New Year night is very exciting and full of happiness. Being together with family or friends or girlfriend with a party environment all around you is what every person wants. Furthermore, New Year wishes for 2019 coming from all direction gives an adrenaline boost.

New year 2019 wishes and quotes

  • New Year Comes once a year my friend and that is all after 365 days. So better get prepared and enjoy to the fullest.
  • 31st December before the night is over along with all its enjoyment, lets no leave a stone unturned and celebrate to the fullest.
  • A precious year has passed and along with it goes some very sweet memories. Therefore let’s repeat the same in this New Year.
  • Pain, joy, sorrow, fear all was there and all will be still there, so don’t stress yourself too much, grab a drink hard or soft and enjoy the night and new year wishes for 2019.

New year’s wishes for 2019have already started coming from all the directions. so guys are you prepared to rock and roll in this new years eve? and if not then hurry and call your friends and family, or whoever you prefer more. Grab a transport to the nearest party to enjoy, as you have not done it before.

happy new year 2019 wishes for colleagues

Some quotes to send and enjoy
  • May the ray of hope never diminish in your life, so along with your wife enjoy the new year wishes for 2019.
  • They say what you do on the first day of the New Year, you will repeat it all the year, so friends do all the things you love on this 1st Day of the new year.
  • My dear, if by chance you could not do right things this year, just say cheers, and lets do it right this year.
  • All the new years are good, its just our perspective that becomes polluted. Hence remove this polluted view and you are welcome to this New Year with an entire new view.

New year wishes for 2019; they are like the bird phoenix. They die every year and rise again from their ashes on the eve of New Year. Let all our happiness, health, and wealth be like the bird so they rise from their own ashes and are persistent with us throughout our life.

Some New Year quotes and wishes for 2019

  • Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is reached and that my friends, is the new year party, so happy new year fellas.
  • All wealth, cars, luxury etc is waste if you are at your home and not celebrating this new year eve with a head banging party.
  • Why sit alone, why repent for the mistakes, why not party hard my friends? now grab a friend and enjoy to the fullest this new year ..exchange Lots of new year wishes 2019 and make it memorable.
  • Human tendency is to remember the bad things and forget the good ones.So let not be like an average human, but like a superior beinglet’s try to remember the best and hope for the best this new year.

happy new year 2019 wishes for boyfriend

New year wishes 2019will be forgotten in the next year and so we should forget whatever was wrong and unhappy happened to us in the last year. let’s tight our shoelaces for the heaps of opportunities and enjoyment awaiting in the next year. Forgetting the bad and remembering the good is the way forward for humanity.

New year 2019 wishes and SMS

  • As we enter in this New Year, let’s resolve to make every day, of this year, a new one.
  • New year will come and go, lets teach ourselves to be the better human being year after year
  • New Year is like the new month, where dates change and not human being, so it’s better to make ourselves strong and face the bitter truth of life.
  • Last year, this year, and for the coming what I pray to god is that your life including all these years maybe, healthy, wealthy and progressive.



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