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We understand that a message that is meant for your wife is not suitable to be forwarded to a legal contact. On the other hand, if you wish to find some heart touching messages, sending the same ones to your formal friends is not worthwhile. We have created detailed information on happy new year quotes 2019 that carry emotional feelings and memorable word. You can select the suitable messages and forward them to the required contacts for spreading happiness everywhere.

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Once you go through our collection of New Year wishes, it will automatically compel you to forward it to your known and acquaintances.

Meeting people in our hectic schedules is one of the most difficult tasks to be done. But fortunately New Year quotes 2019 allow you to forward the best of wishes to one another just the way you would have done after meeting.

We have some of the most inspirational New Year quotations for friends and family sharing energetic Note. With millions of New Year messages floating over the internet, choosing a perfect new year quote 2019 is slightly tough. However, we have brought the handpicked collection of messages that you can forward without much consideration.

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Happy New Year quotes 2019

  • i pay all the gratitude and thanks to everyone who made me smile in the year 2018. May all of you get more prosperity and happiness in 2019 upcoming year. Happy new year to all of you For making my life so beautiful and colourful.
  • Make the upcoming New Year 2019 more glorious by appreciating your past endeavours and turning them more worthwhile by inputting more of them. Let the happiness multiply with the New Year 2019 by your side.
  • I pray that the illuminating 2019 blesses you with a busy life so that you can say more happy and cheerful. I just pray that you feel occupied and energetic in all the moments of the Year. May god give you wonderful 365 days in 2019.
  • I pray that the shower of love falls upon you and make you blooming and Happy. Allow the 2019 your of love to bring more joyful moments in your life.
  • I pray that every day of 2019 bring you happy surprises. May Lord fill your life with the bouquet of happiness and give you more happiness year after year.
  • The year unfolds and give us new pathways to choose. Allow 2019 to take you towards the correct and leave the rest upon the creator of the world. May you have a peaceful Happy New Year 2019.

More on happy New Year quotes 2019 for Friends, relatives, and beloved

New Year quotation 2019 is often taken as a source of inspiration and determination. People forward meaningful messages that not only carry heartfelt feelings but also a lot of motivation. The beginning of the New Year is often taken as a synonym of potentiality. It all depends upon us the way we use those possibilities to create our future. New year is definitely another name for new beginning that gives us all the chance to reverse the wrong deeds. So let’s celebrate the Tuesday of New Year 2019 offering prayers to God and spending time with the beloved ones.

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If you cannot meet your loved ones on this New Year, we have the best new year quotes 2019 for you to forward –

  • You are one of those blessings which I never fail to count. I hope that this blessing of mine get a nurtured future and more joyful moments in this New Year. Happy new year my dear friend I love you.
  • certain things should remain in our lines for permanently. I pray that the new year brings you eternal happiness so that you can remain cheerful and happy always. No matter whether it is 2019, 2020, 2021 or any other year, almighty gives you more happiness and aspirations to motivate.
  • The New Year should be all about unparalleled aspirations, seamless motivation and countless happiness. I want to see you winning in this New Year 2019. I hope everything comes with added joy in your life. Happy new year
  • Stop all your negative talking and propensities right away in this Tuesday, 1st January. Nobody likes to give attention to the loser and enjoys talking to them. So this year more than anything else, take a determination to change attitude and spread positivity despite all the odds that we have in our life.

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Beautiful happy new year quotes 2019 for all

  1. My prayers for you do not remain restricted to the upcoming year 2019 or 31st December. In fact, I always pray for your success each day so that you have the brightest future in every year.
  2. Just the way Birds leave their nest behind and do not carry any pain, sadness or grudges. Let this New Year 2019 be the new nest of a bird which has only positivity and hard work in it.
  3. You have a pen in the hands and the New Year is just like a blank book which needs to be written with a beautiful story. So create something that others would love to read. Have a positive New Year 2019
  4. New year is definitely the best time to discover our strength and revive our courage. It all lies within you, so move forward and unfold the Horizon to achieve better.
  5. Wishing you more like on this Happy New Year 2019, I pray that almighty gives you the best months, hours, seconds and weeks of life.
  6. Just the way a new flowers spreads the beautiful fragrance everywhere, I pray that this 2019 as more fresheners and positivity in your life. Enjoy the beauty of New Year 2019

Enthusiasm, zeal and courage is not just when you stand up to do better in life for yourself. It should be also for for others who do not have any support and Shoulder to head down. on this new year, pledge not to waste your life in useless things but utilise each moment in a way to leave a mark on this earth. Hopefully our inspirational New Year quotes 2019 made you smile and inspired to forward them to one another.


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