happy new year 2017 quotes for friends and family

New Year 2019 quotes for Friends, relatives, beloved and colleagues

Forwarding sincere New Year quotes for friends through WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook marks the beginning of a fantastic year ahead. There is nothing more special than receiving beautiful quotations, inspirational messages and proverbs for new year from someone we don’t expect. On this New Year, wish the ones who have been in regular contact with you as well as the ones who are no longer in touch with you. Allow 2019 to nurture your relationships. Spend more time with people instead of social media. Let’s pledge to have a better Happy New Year 2019 and many more years.

happy new year 2019 quotes for friends and family

 Happy New Year 2019 quotes for friends, relatives and WhatsApp messages

  • May Lord bless you this 2019 with better affection and happiness all around you. I wish that you get all the success that you have been craving for all this while. May you have a smiling Happy New Year 2019.
  • On this New Year, I am counting all my blessings and praying that you receive more than what I have. Hope this New Year spells your and success in your life and family. Happy new year to all
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Happy New Year 2019 quotations for friends

happy 2019 new year to all of you

  • With the beautiful rose fragrance and a baby smile, let us welcome this Happy New Year 2019 in our life with new hopes and happiness.
  • I just cannot express the happiness that you have given me in words. I wish to return you all the glory by succeeding in this New Year 2019. Happy New Year my dear mother.
  • I pray that every day of 2019 is more vibrant and full of celebrations. May you have a rejoicing Happy New Year with your family and friends.
  • Create a lovely story in this 2019 Happy New Year. Fill up the blank book with the most interesting story that everybody would like to read.
  • Before the sun sets for 2018 and people get indulged in partying, let me wish you more blessings for Happy New Year 2019. Here I am with my family greeting you with the most wonderful year 2019.
  • My dear friend, you have improved my life just with your presence and motivation. I wish that you are always there in 2019 and several upcoming years to guide me the way you have always did. Show me the true path always my beloved friend cum my mentor.
  • I pray that you have a lovely January, loving February, memorable March, happy April, fun filled may, Fortune June, surprising July, well behaved August, hopeful September, romantic October, lucky November and wonderful December 2019. Cheers to the lovely New Year 2019 may you get everything right and happy.

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Happy New Year Quotes 2019

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  • I pray that each day that ends in 2019 happy New Year ends of given you more inspiration and Glory. I pray that every day of the New Year gives you happiness and Fortune to you and your family. Happy New Year ahead.

happy new year 2019 quotes for friends in hindi

Happy New Year quotes for friends in English and Hindi

  • The beautiful crackers, lovely night, blissful smile and delicious dishes of 2019 make you live each moment 100 times. May lord give you a sparkling New Year blessed with all his grace.
  • My lovely dear, please do not fear, I am always there, just remain clear but one thing that I always say in your ear- I love you and this is going to be our happiest New Year my teddy bear.
  • The Treasured memories and the most beautiful moments of 2018 give you all the hope to live and do better in life. I pray that you pick up the best from 2018 and carry forward the same in the next year 2019. Leave the bad and keep the good must be the purpose of our life.
  • I wish you 24 x 7 days of goodness, joy and good fortune in this 2019 Happy New Year.

Happy New Year 2019 quotes for friends and relatives in English

While you are in the success road, the foremost thing is to look ahead and pay attention only to the good. Do not worry about the past and whatever atrocities life has given you.

Close all the chapters that were ruining you in 2018. Instead, begin new lessons in 2019 for a beautiful successful life. Work until and unless you feel the expensive to become cheap. Utilise every moment and fill up your heart with all the faith, courage and hope for encounter in the worst hurdles of life. I wish that you have the best and the most wonderful time ahead in 2019. Those fun crazy colours keep your life your life bright and glowing in every situation.

2019 Happy New Year quotes for friends

new years resolution 2019

  • Few things are ok if left inside or undone. But forgetting to wish you Happy New Year 2019 something that should We always done in time.
  • Instead of paint attention upon the demotivating causes of 2018, live your life positively and analyse the opportunities given by this lovely New Year.

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Happy New Year 2019 to All

Happy New Year quotes for friends in Hindi

  • Naya Saal ki shuruat Ho Rahi mangalwar ko, Bhool Jayye Jo kuch bhi beta ab tak purane Saal Ko, accha hai Naya Din Naye Saal Ka Ka, Piche mudke Na Dekho bas Intezar karo apni tarakki ka. Happy New Year 2019
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Happy New Year 2019 quotes for friends

  • I pray that 2019 happy New Year gives you little more wisdom with rounded body and little more age. Happy New Year

 Happy new 2019 year quotes for friends

  • I pray that this happy new year gives you better goals so that you overcome the bad memories and enjoy the better future and present. Wishing you the beautiful snow inventor of 2019 Tuesday. Happy New Year giving you a tight hug.

Happy 2019 New Year quotes for friends

We expect that our message collection on Happy New Year quotes for friend and relatives was sufficiently admirable and worthwhile for you. Our team wishes you an enthusiastic Happy New Year that brings you success and correct guide.


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