Privacy Policy

We have strict privacy policy so that we can protect your details like your name and email address. From the contact page you can contact our team and you can contact us any time. If you have any suggestion for our team or you have any issues for the content that we are showing to our website then you can contact our team.

Your Name and Your Email ID

When you contact us, you will send us your email ID and your name. We want to clear that your contact details will not shred to anyone. We are always there so that we can protect your contact details like your email and your name. We store your contact details to our data base till you do not get solutions for your queries. Once your issues or your suggestions are resolved, we will delete all these details.

Website is GDPR Ready

When you explore this website, you will get notification that this website will collect cookies file from your website. These cookies file is collected so that you can easily get relevant ads to your website. These cookies file will contain the web history for your computer device. Most of users feel uncomfortable sharing their web  browsing details to anyone. We want to clear that these cookies are not shared to anyone other person who is not a team member of your team.

If you do not want us to collect your cookies file, you can disable cookies collection easily from the home page. You will get a warning when you land at this website for first time. From there you can easily disable the cookies collection for your website.

Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Services

We have activated Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster services for this website. These Analytics services are activated so that we can easily get to know that from where we can getting most of the web traffic. These web analytic services will help us so that we can improve our content and you can get benefits from our website.

Our team have very strict privacy policy for children so that we should not demand any type of contact details from child who are under 18 years. You can contact our team any time if you are having any kind of issues or questions with our privacy policy.